The Sketchbook Project

A friend gave me the heads up on this really cool project and I just registered today. Anyone can take part from anywhere in the world. You are sent out a blank Moleskin sketchbook and when you fill it, you send it back and it’s in a traveling exhibition across various galleries and venues in America. For those who aren’t close to America (i.e. me) there is also an option to digitize your sketchbook and have it archived online. It will then be a high-resolution, professionally digitized book to flick through on their website. Each sketchbook has a theme, however you don’t have to restrict yourself completely to it. There are many interesting themes to choose from:

  • In Flight
  • Facing Forward
  • It will be fun, I swear
  • Sleepless
  • Figuring you out
  • I’m sorry I forgot you
  • Happy thoughts
  • This is not a sketchbook
  • Face in the crowd

There are other themes but if you’re indecisive you can always opt for a randomly generated theme. I chose Happy Thoughts.  In the past I’ve started and stopped different sketchbooks, but with this one having a deadline and a price (Did I not mention that…? It’s $25) I think I will have motivation enough to finish.

There are some interesting features which make this project all the more unique. Each sketchbook is given its own bar code and this means there can be a record kept of who views it at every tour date and while it’s in The Brooklyn Art Library. After it is cataloged, artists will be able to log-on and view real time statistics about their book for years to come.

If you wish to participate, follow the link and sign up to receive your book before October 31st. Send your book back before January 15th and it will be included in the tour which starts March 2011.


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