Sunflower Festival

A brand new festival of live music, arts and food came to Northern Ireland 20th – 22nd August. Held in “Tubby’s Farm” just outside of Hillsborough, it was a great way to see local bands. With all profits going towards the Haitian Earthquake Victim Relief fund, it was for a good cause. I went on the Friday and saw Full Rejector, Everyday Superheroes, Deadlights, Silhouette, Mental Deficiency and Rams’ Pocket Radio. I’d seen a few of these bands before at different gigs but the majority of them were new to me. The music was great. If I’m free next year, I’d go for the full weekend. For the full line up and more information, check out their website.

  1. That girl Silhouette is whose hairstyle I copied! She was playing in a band I saw at Stiff Kitten. Hers is a lot nicer than mine though.

  2. Ha just read on further and Ram’s Pocket Radio is the band I’m referring to 🙂

    • It’s a small world. Although I haven’t seen you since you got your haircut, I kind of have. You were in my dreams last night, sporting an awesome haircut. It’d be cool if I imagined it right, wouldn’t it?

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