International Airshow

On Sunday 5th September, I went to the International Airshow in Portrush. It takes place annually and apparently attracted around a quarter of a million visitors over the two days. Marking the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain there was a marching pipe band and a Poppy Drop. The poppy drop was phenomenal, the picture below shows no less than 2 million poppy petals that were dropped over the north coast. Some of the planes I saw were the ASK 21 Glider, Miles M14A Hawk Trainer, Piper Arrow II, Vans RV-7, Hawk T1, Antonov AN-2 and the Silence SA180/SA1100 [The Twister Duo]

Click on any of the photographs to see them larger.

  1. Hi Martina… some great shots there of the air show! I didn’t manage to get a chance to go but it looked like it was a big success despite the weather!

    Great work.


  2. Well you’ve always got next year. With the number of people that went I’m sure they’d have raised enough money to fund it. I only went on the Sunday and the weather was thankfully fine all day, albeit a bit cloudy. I heard Saturday was a rainy disaster though.

    Just checked out your blog, looks like you’re busy every day 😉 that’s quite the challenge you sent yourself.

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