Belfast Pen

This is a uni project and a competition for Equinox – Designing an acme pen to capture the traditions, culture and spirit of Belfast. After juggling about different ideas, I have settled on the idea of using a drawing of the City Hall alongside a pattern and possibly an acronym of Belfast which would help convey the culture and spirit.

B – Bars & Clubs.

E – Entertainment.

L – Live Music.

F – Food Festivals.

A – Art Galleries.

S – Shopping.

T – Theatre.

I believe this shows the cultural side of Belfast in a very positive light. I used hand rendered type as I felt it would look a lot more personal and hopefully reflect the informal and friendly nature of N.I. The City Hall and the background pattern used were also drawn by hand and then digitally coloured.

Here are two versions, one with circles and one with a flame like shape. I quite like both. Although it is purple, when I look at the second one I see the City Hall on fire. It could be taken in two ways, in the sense that Belfast’s spirit is as powerful as a fire. Or that Belfast is literally on fire. I hope other people don’t associate it with the second one. Leave a comment with your thoughts and/or constructive criticism if you have some spare time.

1 comment
  1. Achim said:

    Wow, what a tremendous design for an ACME studio pen. As german collector of these artful lovely pieces I hope the ACME people of Maui will produce this great designed pen as quick as possible. Would make a great contribution to every serious ACME pen collection.

    Congratulation and best regards

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