The City of Cork and the Blarney Stone

As part of my aim to see more of Ireland and also just to enjoy my last week before uni starts back, I spent 5 nights in Cork. I had never been before and read in the Lonely Planet guide that it was in the top ten cities recommended for visiting in 2010.

There’s a lot happening in Cork – Comedy, music, theatre, dance and so many different festivals. There would be something to thrill everyone. There’s even a butter museum. That’s one attraction I didn’t find time for though.

I’m always more attracted to taking pictures of crumbling dilapidated buildings than shiny new ones, so my photographs don’t reflect the new developments in Cork. There is a beautiful mix of old and new when you walk down the streets. I took a historical tour where we were given a summary of the last few hundred years. The tour guide seemed genuinely surprised that I wasn’t completely clued up on Cork’s history.

On our last day we went to the Blarney Castle and kissed the infamous Blarney stone. I since discovered it was voted the most unhygienic tourist attraction in the world. That’s disgustingly impressive. According to the legend however, I should now be graced with the gift of eloquence.  We’ll see.

Blarney is just 5 miles from Cork City Centre and I thought it was well worth the visit. The castle itself was so interesting to walk through. The castle dates from 1446 and is in good condition. With the medieval architecture such as the murder hole and arrow loops still intact, it makes it very easy to imagine life in the castle centuries ago. There’s a lot of attractions in Co. Cork and I’d recommend a trip there to anyone. I also went to the Fota Wildlife Park, I’ll upload some of the photo’s from that soon.


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