The Downside of Rented Accommodation

When the previous occupants leave the place a mess, you “move in” to a place like this…

After extensive and exhaustive cleaning the place is now habitable and actually not bad. I’ve had people round without feeling complete shame at the squalor I’m living in. I’m not a neat freak but I don’t know how anyone could have lived like this. I just thought I’d show the world these disgusting pictures to arouse some shock and sympathy.

  1. Brings back memories of the old college apartment. Four guys living together is bad for apartment owners.

  2. This mess was from two girls living here before us. Called into the estate agents to talk about the mold and some other stuff. Apparently if we open the window that will Go Away. That’s a magic trick I’d like to see. We explained that the gas still wasn’t working and were told to “google it” …

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