Drawing Unlimited

Today I attended the Drawing Unlimited workshop held at the University of Ulster. It lasted around three hours and had people from Foundation Art and Design for Visual Communication participating. The whole theme of today was making links. We had some warm up drawing exercises where we would do 30 second drawings using your other hand i.e. if you are right handed, you used your left. I’ve done this before at life drawing classes and it’s oddly freeing. Even just in the sense that you can feel more experimental because if it goes wrong you can blame it on using the other hand. We did self portraits and portraits of others in the class. Mostly using ink with a variety of tools – paintbrush, sponge & cocktail sticks, the work was nice and messy; lots of inky fingers. We made a final piece at the end where we brought our work together showing links between us. I forgot to take a picture of that though so you’ll have to live without.

  1. karlaburns said:

    I miss the drawing Unlimited Workshops! I wish I could have been there today, it looks like it was a lot of fun!

    • Yeah it was. It’d been a while since I worked so freely or on such a large scale so it was a welcome change. I saw you today in town close to uni when I was walking there, thought maybe you were going but I guess you’re being kept super busy on placement.

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