Barbara Kruger style photographs

At uni we have been researching into the work of Barbara Kruger; an American conceptual artist.

In a confrontational style of juxtaposed text and image her work is striking and memorable. She covers interesting topics of feminism and consumerism. I really like a lot of her work. Here are some examples.

One of our briefs for this week was to recreate poster images in Kruger’s style. In a team with Anne Smith and Karen Shearer we decided to explore the idea of consumerism. Our work pokes fun at Company’s using their own slogans against them. The first is a parody of o2’s ‘We’re better, connected’ This was quite a pleasant shot in Castro’s in Belfast. We also looked into Smirnoff, Tesco, McDonald’s and Coke. We are going to experiment more with the type on a few but overall we are happy with what we created.


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