An Illustrated Journey

Finally, I have finished the 45 second journey sequence for the group animation. I’ve been working on it for a while now and I’m quite happy with how it’s turned out, especially as it’s only my second time doing hand drawn animation. I’ve learned a lot through this and hopefully the next time I tackle a similar project I’ll be both quicker and better. Despite this being insanely time consuming, I enjoyed it; there’s no doubt I’m an art masochist.

I was ‘rotoscoping‘ without even knowing it. Rotoscoping allowed me to get the fluid motion while still keeping the essence of hand made. I haven’t counted (I wouldn’t want to) the number of individual drawings needed for this. It’s possibly a billion. I ran around Belfast taking pictures and then drawing them for the background. The scene with the houses was one of my first and I’m not actually happy with it. My favourite scene would probably be crossing the road. This definitely has more detail in it than the others. Making sure the figures go behind the lamp post and don’t have the yellow lines of the road shining through them was quite intensive but gives it a better finish.

The audio used in this is a song called Untouchable recorded by a friend of mine, Frances Mitchell. She is the vocalist of The Everyday Superheroes, a local upcoming band. They do a lot of gigs in Belfast and Lisburn, you should check them out if you live nearby.

In our group Moose Motion, we are each creating an animation with scenes of our journeys to uni, each in a different media. Mine was hand-drawn, Anne is using stop motion photography, Grace is digitally drawing hers and Declan is using Film. When spliced together, it should look interesting.


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