Have you noticed it’s snowing?

Over the weekend Northern Ireland had it’s coldest night since the records began in the 1800’s. Can you believe it? If you’re like me with a hot water bottle strapped to you, of course you can! Alongside the drastic cold we have been blessed with snow. A Lot. It’s the most I’ve seen in my lifetime. Whilst the snow has been ruining plans & hindering everyone with nearly everything, you must admit it does look beautiful. Well, if you go somewhere undisturbed; no one likes the city brown sludge.

On saturday I went to the Glen in Crumlin, Co. Antrim with my dad and a camera. The water was partially frozen and everything covered in white. It really is the epitome of winter. On the off chance you really like these and fancy some wintery wallpapers, they’re large images.

    • Do you not get any snow where you live? It’s overrated anyway. What we have at the minute is too powdery to make anything with. I haven’t had the chance yet to make Any snowmen.

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