‘Arty Farty’ Exhibition in London

In the first weekend of June I exhibited new work in the ‘ARTY FARTY’ show just off Brick Lane in London. The illustration collective Hero Of Switzerland organised the exhibition and invited a handful of other artists to pitch in. The theme was to reimagine famous works of art in your own unique style, humour and flair.

I created these two illustrations based on Salvador Dali’s ‘Lobster Telephone’. I was surprised to find a few of the other artists picked this as their inspiration source too, what are the chances? Fortunately everyone produced different results.




I also created an illustration based on René Magritte’s Golconda, switching the raining men for raining cats and dogs.



Fave 3


The gallery flooded with people checking out the selection of prints, a few sculpture pieces as well as this fun painting by Adam Graff, which was a scream (not even sorry).



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