What’s your feelings on otters? Love them, hate them, ambivalent? Before this year I never really gave them much thought. However when I was researching different animals to include in a children’s picture book, I discovered just how amazing otters are.

They’re highly intelligent with the ability to create and use tools just like monkeys and apes. They also exhibit human behaviour, such as holding hands. They often do this when they’re resting in water so they don’t drift apart.

Enjoy these few pictures and gifs and then check out The Daily Otter for all your otter needs.

These are the two drawings of otters I used in my book. He was meant to be playing ball, but he hit it too hard with his tail. Cheeky thing.


I’m a movie star! Not quite, but I’m a pointing, walking, app user in my friend Winnie‘s video. Directed by Winnie and shot by Jonathan, this video is being entered into the D&AD student awards 2013 for the It’s Nice That Brief. Fingers crossed she does well.

Last year I stumbled across the work of Esther C. Werdiger. Check these comics out! They’re hand drawn, personal with a quirky sense of humour and usually a very abrupt ending. I could read these all day. If there was a book of them I’d buy it however I have only seen them on the hairpin so far. You can find all of her posts here.

I was fortunate to get a lot of Christmas cards this year. Most stylish, some beautiful, some funny and one edible (a Christmas Bun instead of a card) I found this card to be the funniest by far. It had me at “festive weasel”

Created by Sue Cathcart, these cards are made entirely from recycled Belfast Telegraph pages. Mr Papers is my new favourite card range. A funny card that’s actually funny, that’s a novelty in itself.