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I was asked to find and bring in to class two exemplary piece of motion design, one local and one international. This wasn’t too hard a task as I’ve bookmarked quite a few interesting animations.

The first is called Oktapodi and is a short animated film created at Lecole Gobelins in France. The animated short, which has won 19 awards at animation festivals and technical conventions around the world, was created by Lecole Gobelins students Emud Mokhberi, Thierry Marchand, Julien Bocabeille, François-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier DeLabarre, and Quentin Marmier. If you haven’t already seen it, you must.

This next clip ‘Antibiotics vs Colds & Flu’ was made by Belfast based Street Monkey in 2005 for their client Genesis. You may remember it airing on TV around that time.


A beautiful and emotive animation by Dony Permedi. If you would like more information on how it was created, the animator is interviewed here.

Here are some of the rendered stills from the 3D Animation course that was part of the trans Belfast festival. Local illustrator and self taught animator David Haughey tutored us and showed us the basics of 3D animation.

I worked in a team with seven other people, all working towards the same final outcome. With a brainstorming session on the first day we all agreed on characters, a story and what the environment should look like. I was involved mostly with modelling and texturing but I enjoyed the little part of animating I did try.  This week showed me just how time intensive 3D animation is. It’s no easy task but the outcome definitely makes it worthwhile. It’s something I would like to learn more about in the future.

The trans Festival 2010 is running today through to the 24th July. An annual, non-commercial arts festival based in Belfast which hosts a bustling programme of gigs, exhibitions, courses, seminars and more. The festival was originally set up to compliment the Urban Arts Academy. In its fifth year, they have quite a line up of potential courses with something to suit everyone. Free Running, Street Art, DJing, Game Design, Developing iPhone Apps, journalism and Urban Dance courses are just to name a few.

I’ve enrolled myself in the 3D animation workshop running 12th-16th July. This introductory course will focus on the evolution of a character, from its conception in the 2D stage to a fully formed 3D virtual mesh construction. Lighting, texturing and staging are also going to be covered. This will be very new for me as I have absolutely no experience with 3D animation. All the more to learn then.

I’ve also enrolled in the Stop Motion Animation course running that weekend, the 17th and 18th of July. We will be using street spaces and interacting with the landscape to create a stop motion street animation. Students are encouraged to bring script ideas and favourite art materials.  I best get some ideas jotted down. I’m really looking forward to both these courses.

There may be some spaces left, so if you’re interested check out their website for a list of full courses or call 028 9033 4400.