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For the Design Corporate and Advertising module we were given a brief called “change my mind.” Our task was to choose a product or service that is perceived by the general public in a certain way and then design an advertising campaign to alter the way the product is perceived so it now appeals to new audiences or has an alternate use. We were restricted to the use of still media.

I decided to focus on learning a foreign language. This is typically aimed at adults and is compulsory for students in secondary level education but what about children? They have the highest learning capacity and are a far more ideal candidate for picking up a foreign language than anyone older. I designed this ad campaign to create awareness amongst parents and show the benefits of their children having this valuable skill.


What are you going to do today?

As part of the Volkwagan Canada campaign, there’s a website allowing you to remix your own Sunday Drive music and virtually drive through an interactive¬† road. As you change the music, the scenery changes too. The campaign asks people “What Happened to the Sunday Drive?” Volkswagen is trying to encourage people to visit a new town, take a ride to the countryside or to just get out there and explore far and away places, all with the notion of bringing back that romance of the Sunday Drive. The website was made by Red Urban and was the ‘site of the day’ on FWA. It’s pretty nice, you should have a go yourself or go buy the 2011 Golf and do the real thing. Unfortunately dancing bails of hay and dinosaurs are probably not included. I’m going to a powder paint party later as part of the holi celebrations for the festival of colours! It’s going to be a great Sunday.

The site is quite new but regularly updated. I just found it a few minutes ago and quickly scrolled through it all. There are some real witty gems in there, it’s worth a look.

Click here to see other things that real people don’t say about advertising.

Anyone can submit their own. The hilarious one above was by Tom Heg. I’ll probably do one myself when I have more time to spare. Right now I’ve a mountain of work I’ve been ignoring to browse through funniness like this. Heigh-Ho, it’s off to work I go.

I just found this amazing animation about Levi’s waterless jeans by M ss ng P eces & Myoo. It’s easily The best animation I’ve seen so far this year, it blew me away. You really have to watch it. I think it’s been around a while, maybe if I had a TV I would’ve seen it before now. There’s just so much going on in this that you find new things in it the second and third time round. Enjoy!