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I’ve been shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards for my ongoing online GIF project. This Is The Coolest Place is in the Professional | Self Initiated Work category.


I started this project in 2015 as a website to house a series of GIFs of animals from cool habitats doing stereotypically ‘cool’ things. I’m adding to this GIF gang so stay posted for updates.



Penguin YOYO



This is the animation I had mentioned earlier for the Cathedral Eye Clinic. It was quite fun to make. The aim is to reinforce the the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet so diabetics don’t develop diabetic retinopathy as this can result in blindness. The audio is Bubblin’ In The Cut by Boreta.

I saw this video on the Creative Review website and thought it was brilliant. It works fantastically and is such a fresh approach to animation. With 600 balloons popping a minute and needing multiple retakes, there was nothing easy about making this. Surprisingly though, this sting for MTV has received negative feedback with CR users. Apparently it’s weak, messy and required wide shots near the end to explain what it’s about and make it seem more impressive. I guess there’s nothing out there that would impress everyone. But I thought this was great. What does everyone else think?

This is a screenshot from an animation I’m working on right now for the Cathedral Eye Clinic. The aim is to promote the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle to young diabetics to prevent the development of diabetic retinopathy. The pizza is obviously featuring in the ‘bad food’ section, but look at it, it’s still quite appealing. I’m disgusted with the awful byte joke that just formed in my head. That aside, I’ve been creating bananas, carrots, mushrooms, pineapples, burgers, popcorn and tons more. The final animation will be finished in a week!

Definitely worth a watch. We were shown this animation in uni and I thought it was brilliant. Who knew such a simplistic vector character could arouse such emotion? It delivers a really important message in a captivating way. Watch the video and check out The Girl Effect for more information.

Procrastination. We all suffer from it. I’m procrastinating Right now. If you wish to join in, watch this animation. It’s not a waste of time but I bet there’s something important you Should be doing right now instead of browsing through the internet, reading my blog. But hey, I’m sure you deserve a break.