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Today at the odyssey this little fellow flew up to us and hung around for a few hours. While we were busy with the stop motion, he was interested and ‘watched’ but eventually left. He’s a perfect little pigeon, very tame and obviously liked the company of people. I hope he found his way home safe and wasn’t eaten by a seagull. Unfortunately I found out last year that seagulls eat pigeons. They resort to doing this apparently if they can’t scavenge enough food. I’m now more inclined to throw food to seagulls as I imagine by doing so, I’m possibly saving the life of a pigeon.


Today I attended another of the Drawing Unlimited workshops held in the University of Ulster, Belfast. The theme was animals and we did various drawing exercises, using our other hand, negative space, limited time etc. The results are quite loose and free. We used ink with sponges or cardboard as the tools instead of paintbrushes. There’s a website and video for Drawing Unlimited under way so hopefully that will be ready soon. There will be photographs of everyone and all the work.

Here are some of my chicken and geese drawings. The goose looks pretty angry.

We also made the animals out of cardboard. Karen and I both looked at the same chicken model and here is what we made.

Aaaaand I just realised this is my 100th post on here. Crazy.

The passion for photography runs in the family. My dad took this picture yesterday and I thought it was brilliant. Whilst I appreciate everything feathery, this is undoubtedly a Great picture. I adjusted the contrast in photoshop and it’s now a beautiful graphic image.


I’m working on some pages for the group publication and thought I’d upload this little sketch. This cute owl features a major role in the Typography stop motion sequence which I’ll upload in a few days. The publication will showcase a lot from our sketchbooks so I’m just gathering images at the minute for it.