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Yesterday we had to pitch a possible product line/corporate identity for a contemporary souvenir representing Belfast. I focused on giving people the opportunity to recreate some of the traditional food they would have enjoyed during their stay in NI. This souvenir is different in that it’s not permanent, it’s an experience. I thought it would engage them with part of our culture in an easy way. Even those normally not that interested in cooking or baking, this could appeal as it is so accessible.



Brief: Select one designer quotation. You are required to interpret the meaning of the quotation and express this meaning through appropriate strategy to the required audience.

Deliverables: A1 Poster (Portrait format) that clearly and best expresses meaning of your quote to target audience. Branded Poster Tube containing Name of your designer comapny. Final artwork modified to be displayed on an iPhone and iPad.

I decided to use The Curious Robin as the brand name and a quote from Ron Miriello

Creativity is in everyone; it just manifests itself differently with each person

I adopted a clean cut vector style and this is what I produced.