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I’ve created some festive gift wrap. Hoes hoe-ing, crowded penguins, hand painted jingle bells lyrics & different varieties of tree. They’re on sale right now on etsy. Visit my shop here if you’d like a look.


I was fortunate to get a lot of Christmas cards this year. Most stylish, some beautiful, some funny and one edible (a Christmas Bun instead of a card) I found this card to be the funniest by far. It had me at “festive weasel”

Created by Sue Cathcart, these cards are made entirely from recycled Belfast Telegraph pages. Mr Papers is my new favourite card range. A funny card that’s actually funny, that’s a novelty in itself.

This freshly shaven looking Santa was attacked and mauled by my cat years ago. With his beard ate, he does look mighty different. I smile every time I see him on the tree.

This decoration was bought by my Nanna from when she lived in Singapore. He certainly looks different to the Santa we are familiar with. The snowman are in the similar style.

I bought this owl at Debenhams this Christmas. How could I not? I bought two, they are beautiful, I’d look at them every shift. You may have also noticed one of them featured in the stop motion animation I completed earlier this month.

For Christmas this year I got a camcorder! Eager to use it, I did some filming on Christmas and Boxing day. I cut and edited some clips to make this short film. It shows some of the fun at the Bothwell house. If you watch it and wonder what all is happening, there is a lot of wearing of the Fly Glasses & some games like Rapidough (which is great by the way) The song is ‘Come on! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!’ by Sufjan Stevens. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did and I can’t believe it went so quickly. I reckon I’ll use my Christmas present a lot over the next year & forever.

For the first time in around 50 years the Lough Neagh is frozen out as far as Ram’s Island, possibly further. We headed down this morning to try and get some photographs but we were stopped by this beautiful yet scary guard dog. Fortunately we found another way.

We threw a brick at the ice and it didn’t even leave a mark, it bounced like a ball. I reckon it would’ve been safe enough to walk out a good bit but why risk it? I stood on the ice where the water would be shallow. I look angry in the photo but I wasn’t, I’ve just got the sun in my eyes and a cold face. Back in 1947 someone apparently took a horse and cart over to Ram’s Island which is around a mile or two from the shore. What a crazy guy.

Over the weekend Northern Ireland had it’s coldest night since the records began in the 1800’s. Can you believe it? If you’re like me with a hot water bottle strapped to you, of course you can! Alongside the drastic cold we have been blessed with snow. A Lot. It’s the most I’ve seen in my lifetime. Whilst the snow has been ruining plans & hindering everyone with nearly everything, you must admit it does look beautiful. Well, if you go somewhere undisturbed; no one likes the city brown sludge.

On saturday I went to the Glen in Crumlin, Co. Antrim with my dad and a camera. The water was partially frozen and everything covered in white. It really is the epitome of winter. On the off chance you really like these and fancy some wintery wallpapers, they’re large images.