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At the weekend it was my Aunt Kate’s 50th Birthday. She’s an artistic person who loves salsa dancing so I thought something like this would be an ideal present. As she is quite earthy, I decided on this lovely warm terracotta red. It was mounted up in a nice black frame and fortunately she really liked it. The paper cutting was fun, it had been a while since I’ve done anything like this. I found the beautiful quote online, it’s an Indian proverb. To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.


It’s Polish Cultural Week in Belfast at the moment. This is it’s fifth year and there are events, exhibitions and concerts happening in town. Yesterday I went to the Taste of Polska and enjoyed a Polish hot dog and some other pieces. Just like at the Festival of Colours event the other month, there were bollywood dancers. I’ve since discovered Bollywood is quite big in Poland, learning something new every day and all that. It looks very fun, I’m seriously tempted to learn it myself. There were some great craft stalls and a drum workshop, all in all, a great day! Until the 17th of May there is a photographic exhibtion by Polish photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski in the Red Barn Gallery on Rosemary street, you should check it out. For a full listings of events happening in Belfast, check here. There’s a lot going on!

Today I went to St. George’s Market in Belfast to join in the Festival of Colours celebration, commonly known as Holi. Holi is Indian for colour and celebrates the arrival of spring. It was a cultural blast! Organised by ArtsEkta, this was something for everyone. Amy and I had been looking forward to this for ages. Bollywood music, dancers, world food, henna tattoos, chopstick competitions, a craft market…It had it all. The highlight of the festival was clearly the powder paint party. Amazing.