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I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I used to. I’ll wipe off the dust and pay it attention again. The Dear Doodle Diary project has been taking up a lot of my time lately; I guess that could be expected from a daily project. Sometimes I think of an interesting way to represent my day and/or I get the chance to try something new. On these days I’m glad I started this project. Although there are other times I feel my life would be far easier if this was one less thing on my plate. As I’m only human, I do fall behind sometimes when things get busy but I haven’t skipped a day yet. Here are a few of the posts from Dear Doodle Diary. I have set myself a one year goal with this project. I’ve already over 250 days completed so far, I’m sure the rest will whip by before I know it.


Last month I started a new project, I’ve managed to stay on top of it so far. It’s called Dear Doodle Diary. Basically, I write and draw something to sum up my day. I’m hoping this will challenge me to keep coming up with different ideas and help me to work quicker. Check it out here and prepare to learn more about me. Here are a few of the posts.