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I was asked to find and bring in to class two exemplary piece of motion design, one local and one international. This wasn’t too hard a task as I’ve bookmarked quite a few interesting animations.

The first is called Oktapodi and is a short animated film created at Lecole Gobelins in France. The animated short, which has won 19 awards at animation festivals and technical conventions around the world, was created by Lecole Gobelins students Emud Mokhberi, Thierry Marchand, Julien Bocabeille, Fran├žois-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier DeLabarre, and Quentin Marmier. If you haven’t already seen it, you must.

This next clip ‘Antibiotics vs Colds & Flu’ was made by Belfast based Street Monkey in 2005 for their client Genesis. You may remember it airing on TV around that time.


A beautiful and emotive animation by Dony Permedi. If you would like more information on how it was created, the animator is interviewed here.