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My first time customising shoes and definitely not the last as I really enjoyed designing these. Fortunately plain white shoes are a trend right now so it was exceptionally easy to pick up a bare pair to work with. There is my usual type of pattern on this pair alongside a theme of snakes in love. They are water-resistant and ready to wear. I’ve inspired a few friends to customise their own shoes so it’s been really nice seeing everyone’s creativity blossom lately.


I bought this book a few months ago and not only do I love it, everyone else who has seen it loves it as well. Featuring original designs from Michael Perry, Jon Burgerman, Stephen Holding, Okat and many more, this book is inspiring from start to finish.

It is full of photographs and info from the artists on their designs as well as the materials used.

There is an eclectic mix of designs and I’ve shown some personal favourites above. If you’d like to see more (why wouldn’t you?) you can buy your own copy here. Feeling very inspired this summer, I’ve customised a pair of shoes for myself so I’ll probably upload a photo or two of that tomorrow.