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Had another cycling adventure today. It’s a great way to lift your spirits. Had my ipod on shuffle and enjoyed an eclectic mix of french glitch hop, indie, instrumental and singer/songwriter. I took these few pictures. I magically look about…8, maybe even 10 years younger than I am in that shot. Funny thing is I’m going out tonight and I probably won’t get ID’d. I possess a super age-shifting appearance power, clearly. This week I bought myself cycling gloves. Next week – a bell! I saw too many shocked pedestrian faces on the towpath today. Martina, the silent cyclist, will be no more.


Yesterday Antoinette and I went on a bike adventure! We took the Lagan towpath from Belfast to Lisburn. It was a beautiful scenic route. I’m not a fan of cycling through busy Belfast so this cycle route was a great way for an uninterrupted journey. We saw a lot of pigeons, 3 magpies and a few herons. I’m going to need to buy some cycling gloves for next time as my dad’s mountain bike handlebars are not the kindest on my previously soft hands. We think the journey we took was about 25 miles. My ass isn’t grateful today. Maybe if this becomes a real regular activity I’ll need to buy some of those really awesome looking padded shorts.