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At the weekend I went to Belfast’s Chilifest. I was helping my friend Kyra with her jewellery stall. She has recently started making and selling bracelets, earrings, necklaces and hair ties. Hear Hoofbeats Think Zebra Jewellery. Check out her facebook page here. You can catch her at the Black Market and other craft fairs and she takes custom orders.


This is the animation I had mentioned earlier for the Cathedral Eye Clinic. It was quite fun to make. The aim is to reinforce the the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet so diabetics don’t develop diabetic retinopathy as this can result in blindness.┬áThe audio is Bubblin’ In The Cut by Boreta.

It’s Polish Cultural Week in Belfast at the moment. This is it’s fifth year and there are events, exhibitions and concerts happening in town. Yesterday I went to the Taste of Polska and enjoyed a Polish hot dog and some other pieces. Just like at the Festival of Colours event the other month, there were bollywood dancers. I’ve since discovered Bollywood is quite big in Poland, learning something new every day and all that. It looks very fun, I’m seriously tempted to learn it myself. There were some great craft stalls and a drum workshop, all in all, a great day! Until the 17th of May there is a photographic exhibtion by Polish photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski in the Red Barn Gallery on Rosemary street, you should check it out. For a full listings of events happening in Belfast, check here. There’s a lot going on!

This is a screenshot from an animation I’m working on right now for the Cathedral Eye Clinic. The aim is to promote the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle to young diabetics to prevent the development of diabetic retinopathy. The pizza is obviously featuring in the ‘bad food’ section, but look at it, it’s still quite appealing. I’m disgusted with the awful byte joke that just formed in my head. That aside, I’ve been creating bananas, carrots, mushrooms, pineapples, burgers, popcorn and tons more. The final animation will be finished in a week!

On the off chance you’re still feeling festive..

Over Christmas I made Egg Nog with Amy. It was a first for me but she’s a pro in the kitchen. I always thought it was an American tradition but apparently it originated in England.

We made A lot and had to resort to putting the egg nog in several different bottles. It was delicious. We still have some. The tree is still up too, I should really think about taking it down soon.. It’s just a little ridiculous.

Roisin asked me what we used to make egg nog and I said we used eggs & some nogs which went down quite convincingly. If you want the real ingredients though…

Kyra, a close friend of mine recently got some amazing exam results through so I baked her this apple pie as a tasty reward. She got 3 A’s at A Level. Like most cool people she is a pac-man fan so I used pac-man themed lettering (attached to cocktail sticks) I’m in the process of baking two more pies right now.