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I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I used to. I’ll wipe off the dust and pay it attention again. The Dear Doodle Diary project has been taking up a lot of my time lately; I guess that could be expected from a daily project. Sometimes I think of an interesting way to represent my day and/or I get the chance to try something new. On these days I’m glad I started this project. Although there are other times I feel my life would be far easier if this was one less thing on my plate. As I’m only human, I do fall behind sometimes when things get busy but I haven’t skipped a day yet. Here are a few of the posts from Dear Doodle Diary. I have set myself a one year goal with this project. I’ve already over 250 days completed so far, I’m sure the rest will whip by before I know it.


At the weekend it was my Aunt Kate’s 50th Birthday. She’s an artistic person who loves salsa dancing so I thought something like this would be an ideal present. As she is quite earthy, I decided on this lovely warm terracotta red. It was mounted up in a nice black frame and fortunately she really liked it. The paper cutting was fun, it had been a while since I’ve done anything like this. I found the beautiful quote online, it’s an Indian proverb. To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.

For the Design Corporate and Advertising module we were given a brief called “change my mind.” Our task was to choose a product or service that is perceived by the general public in a certain way and then design an advertising campaign to alter the way the product is perceived so it now appeals to new audiences or has an alternate use. We were restricted to the use of still media.

I decided to focus on learning a foreign language. This is typically aimed at adults and is compulsory for students in secondary level education but what about children? They have the highest learning capacity and are a far more ideal candidate for picking up a foreign language than anyone older. I designed this ad campaign to create awareness amongst parents and show the benefits of their children having this valuable skill.

Today I attended another of the Drawing Unlimited workshops held in the University of Ulster, Belfast. The theme was animals and we did various drawing exercises, using our other hand, negative space, limited time etc. The results are quite loose and free. We used ink with sponges or cardboard as the tools instead of paintbrushes. There’s a website and video for Drawing Unlimited under way so hopefully that will be ready soon. There will be photographs of everyone and all the work.

Here are some of my chicken and geese drawings. The goose looks pretty angry.

We also made the animals out of cardboard. Karen and I both looked at the same chicken model and here is what we made.

Aaaaand I just realised this is my 100th post on here. Crazy.

I just found this amazing animation about Levi’s waterless jeans by M ss ng P eces & Myoo. It’s easily The best animation I’ve seen so far this year, it blew me away. You really have to watch it. I think it’s been around a while, maybe if I had a TV I would’ve seen it before now. There’s just so much going on in this that you find new things in it the second and third time round. Enjoy!

Procrastination. We all suffer from it. I’m procrastinating Right now. If you wish to join in, watch this animation. It’s not a waste of time but I bet there’s something important you Should be doing right now instead of browsing through the internet, reading my blog. But hey, I’m sure you deserve a break.

On the 7th of December Moose Motion (the group I’m in from uni) had the screening of the mixed media animation in Grand Central coffee shop, Belfast.

It went great. As well as the animation, there were large scale sculptures on display. All of the drawings used for the animation were there to be flicked through. For those wishing to get creative themselves there was a graphics tablet and paper & pens.

A 48 page publication showing our work and the process has been made and printed also.

For those of you who weren’t there or wish to watch the animation again, here is the full video.