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Yesterday Antoinette and I went on a bike adventure! We took the Lagan towpath from Belfast to Lisburn. It was a beautiful scenic route. I’m not a fan of cycling through busy Belfast so this cycle route was a great way for an uninterrupted journey. We saw a lot of pigeons, 3 magpies and a few herons. I’m going to need to buy some cycling gloves for next time as my dad’s mountain bike handlebars are not the kindest on my previously soft hands. We think the journey we took was about 25 miles. My ass isn’t grateful today. Maybe if this becomes a real regular activity I’ll need to buy some of those really awesome looking padded shorts.


Today at the odyssey this little fellow flew up to us and hung around for a few hours. While we were busy with the stop motion, he was interested and ‘watched’ but eventually left. He’s a perfect little pigeon, very tame and obviously liked the company of people. I hope he found his way home safe and wasn’t eaten by a seagull. Unfortunately I found out last year that seagulls eat pigeons. They resort to doing this apparently if they can’t scavenge enough food. I’m now more inclined to throw food to seagulls as I imagine by doing so, I’m possibly saving the life of a pigeon.