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In the first weekend of June I exhibited new work in the ‘ARTY FARTY’ show just off Brick Lane in London. The illustration collective Hero Of Switzerland organised the exhibition and invited a handful of other artists to pitch in. The theme was to reimagine famous works of art in your own unique style, humour and flair.

I created these two illustrations based on Salvador Dali’s ‘Lobster Telephone’. I was surprised to find a few of the other artists picked this as their inspiration source too, what are the chances? Fortunately everyone produced different results.




I also created an illustration based on René Magritte’s Golconda, switching the raining men for raining cats and dogs.



Fave 3


The gallery flooded with people checking out the selection of prints, a few sculpture pieces as well as this fun painting by Adam Graff, which was a scream (not even sorry).



New Blood is D&AD’s annual exhibition of the best graduating talent from across the UK. Five of us from uni traveled to London and exhibited our work; Chris Dunlop, Ronan Lunney, Heather Browne, Winnie Shek and myself.

With around 100 booths, and a lot of amazing work on show, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Our booth had a minimal approach, playing with the theme of miniature. We each created separate mini exhibitions, within card boxes, to showcase our work. This invites the viewer to peep in and engage with our work at a close level. We were really excited to hear we were nominated for ‘Best Stand’.

Some close up shots of my box. The top ‘gallery’ shows my RAP N RECIPE project.

   The bottom peep holes show the ‘cinema room’ where my ‘Time Well Spent’ animation played on a constant loop. Check it out here, if you weren’t able to catch the peepshow in London.