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My Rap N Recipes illustrations are available for a limited time as t-shirts, vests & sweatshirts on the Ohh Deer shop. Here are the three I’ve submitted to their competition shop. This shows what happens when you place rappers in the kitchen – they bake! It’s a fresh fusion.

Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion) is making pancakes (or p-cakes as he might say) & droppin’ It Like It’s Hot. Jay Z has 99 problems but a bitch batch ain’t one. My final entry is of The Black Eyed Peas with their lesser known song ‘Don’t Phunk With My Heart Tart.’ There’s a surprise appearance from Jason Biggs, from American pie…

Here are the tops on Ohh Deer –

Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot
Jay Z – 99 Problems
The Black Eyed Peas feat. Jason Biggs – Don’t Phunk With My Tart

Every facebook share, like & tweet gathers up points which helps me in the competition, so I’d be really grateful of any shares. And of course, if you really like them, feel free to buy one! 🙂
Ohh Deer will be influenced by the sales and shares an entry receives when they are choosing their new contributor. I’d really love to be their new contributor. It’s a stiff competition but you’ve got to be in it to win it!






I found Mauro De Donatis’ work on behance. He has created an extensive series of pieces just like the two above. Triangular-ish musicians. Quite unusual.

I took these photos at the Sleigh Bells gig at the Ulster Hall 19/02/11. It was mental. She leaned forward and the crowd literally tore her top and were grabbing at her feet. As much as I enjoy the music, I don’t think I’ll assault either of the band members any time soon.

This weekend (19th & 20th February) there’s an awesome event at the Ulster Hall in Belfast organised by Trans Urban Arts. The title gives it away really, it’s an international street art and music festival. Due to last years success, Winter BASE is back with an exciting musical and artistic line-up.

On Saturday there will be a showcase of some of the best underground artists – Remed (Madrid), Erosie (Eindhoven), Jack Douglas (Melbourne), Lints (Copenhagen), Roid (London), Conzo Throb (Glasgow), Inkie (Bristol), 45rpm (Bristol), Howl (Bristol), Ponk (Bristol), Ventsa (Brighton), Darren John (Bristol), KVLR (Belfast), Friz (Belfast), Andy Brown (Belfast), Tweet (Belfast), Danleo (Dublin) and more.

On Sunday there’s a great chance to get involved with the Sumi Ink Club. Sumi Ink Club is a Los Angeles-based drawing collective founded in 2005 by Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck (Lucky Dragons). Sumi Ink Club is non-hierarchical: all ages, all humans, all styles. Everyone is invited to pour some ink in a cup and join in.

It’s free entry from 2-6 on both days but on Saturday night at 8 Sleigh Bells perform with the support of Ghost Poet & Girls Names. Sleigh Bells are a noise-pop music duo from Brooklyn. There’s only room for 500 people so if you want to go you should be quick. The tickets are only £5. If you appreciate local and international art and/or music, this is definitely something for you.

As a group project for uni, we have to create and organise an event/exhibition/happening in Belfast exploring one of the themes in Visual Communication. We’re asked to use our entrpreneurial skills and initiative to find a suitable location for our work and in producing a booklet, posters and website etc. It’ll all be happening before Christmas!

My group consists of Anne Smith, Grace Kennedy, Declan Mount and myself. We are considering making an animation and screening it somewhere in Belfast. We’re thinking of making it mixed media so it will involve some stop motion animation, hand drawn motion design, moving type and probably more. Hopefully the transitions in between the different media will be interesting. It’s all quite vague and exciting at the same time. Researching stop motion animation, I rediscovered this beauty.

It was made as the music video for the song Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. It was directed by Oren Lavie, Yuval and Merav Nathan, the photography was by Eval Landesman and it features Shir Shomron. You will definitely enjoy this. It’s stop motion animation at its best.

I’ve been researching motion design but more specifically those with handmade elements. This was created by Irina Dakeva as the music video for “Baby I’m Yours” by Breakbot. It’s captivatingly beautiful and completely inspires me. Handmade motion is so time consuming but when you watch it, it is so worth it. Approximately 2000 watercolour paintings were used for this and it gives it so much more character and energy than if it were just a regular realistic film. The changing vibrant colours and the opportunity to really use imagination moving from scene to scene make this a spectacular piece of work.