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As part of the Galway Arts Festival, I saw Lynne O’Loughlin’s Virtual Eden and Brian Bourke’s Polptych in the Fairgreen Festival Gallery.

Originally trained in printmaking, this was O’Loughlin’s first time exhibiting digital prints as well as a digital media piece. I hadn’t realized at the time when viewing her animation that it was her etches and not just drawings that were moving. I can only imagine how time consuming this process was. Some scenes from the animation can be seen here with the artist speaking in more detail about her process of creating it.

O’Loughlin’s work has been described as an accomplished exploration of natural motifs that marries traditional print techniques with digital technology.

I find the idea of using traditional print techniques within animation intriguing. But then again, friends have told me in the past that I am always drawn to the most time intensive disciplines of art.

Bourke had four decades of work on display, ranging from paintings of starved foxes, crucifixions, women giving birth of men and a series of 25 paintings focused on a goat skull. The video here shows the artist talking briefly about his work and the exhibition.

Whilst certainly ‘colourful’ I found the content of his work quite dark. Bourke speaks of the need for a sinister element in art but I’m not sure if I agree. It may make for something more interesting or thought provoking but I wouldn’t deem it an imperative quality for each piece, especially for my work. I may change my mind, but for now, mindlessly happy drawings entertain me just fine. His ‘sinister’ style has proven very successful though as it is one of his trademarks that make him a leading artist of Ireland.