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Jacob Dahlstrup, an artist from Denmark, creates interesting and unusual art. One of his most recent pieces that has captured everybody’s attention is the concept of paper tattoos. The designs are initially sketched out on heavy watercolour paper and then through using a tattoo machine like a pen, he creates three-dimensional lines. If you like this kind of thing you should really check out his website and portfolio.


This is one of the beautifully handcrafted animations from Lucas Zanotto. The Ostrich involves puppetry, paper and an intriguing story that is worth 2 minutes of your day.  Filmed with a Canon 7D, the artistic depth of focus adds realism to this piece of work. If this animation interests you as much as it does me, then you should check out his website for this other work.

These are the paper cuts of Graça Brohm; an artist working in Amsterdam. I love her style so much, it’s kind of like someone looked inside my head and made what I would love to see the most. Bringing animals into art can only be a good thing. I’m so busy at the moment, when I do get some spare time this is something I’m going to have to do. Take a look at her website. You’re in for a treat.

Here is some of the work by the very inspirational artist Rob Ryan. His meticulous style alongside the highly romantic themes make for some beautiful pieces of art. Paper cutting perfection. His website and blog are updated regularly and are definitely worth a look.