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There’s another Pecha Kucha night on the 14th June in the Black Box, 7pm. Tickets are £3 with all proceeds going towards Japan. If you don’t know what a Pecha Kucha night is, read this. You can book tickets here. The confirmed speakers include:

Chelley McLear [Poet]

Ciaran Murray [Fresh Made Media]

Gail McConnell [Writer]

Gillian Colhoun [Design Writer]

John McDermott [AV Browne]

Josephine McDermott [Artist and Printmaker]

Lisa Dynan [Book Designer]

Rick Monro [Tibus]

Rory O’Connor and Anita Murphy [The Creativity Hub]

Shelly Wilson [Front]


Another Pecha Kucha night is coming to Belfast in 2 weeks. Monday 4 October at 7pm in the Black Box. The tickets are free and you can register here. I booked mine yesterday and the attendee list seems quite long so there may not be many left. The last one was a real success and I imagine this one will be no different. If the concept of a Pecha Kucha night is new to you, I explain it in a previous post from June.  The theme of this night is ‘curious’ and here is the list of the speakers

Alli Magee, Steen Ink

David Hughes, Front

Hugh Odling-Smee, Kabosh

Julie-Ann Graham, Fashion Designer

Kris and Ev, Black North

Michelle Gallen, Talk Irish

Mike Fleming, Copywriter

Paul Kelly, Designer

Richard Weston, AceJet170

Ted Jensen, Big Ted’s Cookies

Last night I attended a PechaKucha night in the Black Box in Belfast. PechaKucha is pronounced “Peh-chak-cha” and not “Pee-sha koo-sha” as I assumed. It draws its name from the Japanese word for the sound of ‘chit chat’.

The first PechaKucha night was held 7 years ago in Tokyo, giving young designers the opportunity to network, and show their work in public. From there its popularity has spread and PechaKucha nights are now held globally, with events happening in over 300 cities.

The popularity could be due to the simplicity of these nights. Each speaker shows 20 slides for 20 seconds and talks alongside them.

Anyone can present at these events and last night we enjoyed a diverse range of speakers from photographers, t-shirt designers, illustrators and cupcake creators. A full list of the speakers and more information can be found here.

PechaKucha Nights are mostly held in fun spaces with a ‘thinking and drinking’ philosophy. I found the night very enjoyable and I’ll most likely attend the next one as well. I believe it will be held in September.