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One of our final projects was to create an A2 poster showcasing a street design situated in Belfast.

Whenever we were given the project brief we were told to start designing our ideas right away. Always being a doodler this is what I started with; working on a colourful pattern where the abstract shapes accommodate each other. Whilst this could look pleasing on a wall, it lacked meaning. I wanted my design to have more substance, yet still maintain that free colourful style.

I thought about constraining my pattern within something such as a speech bubble. The idea of someone or something speaking something beautiful and wordless intrigued me. It could be someone that at first glance you may not think would have those thoughts. Then I thought it could be more interesting if it were a thought bubble. It would make more sense to show visually what someone is thinking of rather than what they are saying. A person could be thinking of a beautiful pattern and then they are starting to replicate this on the wall themselves.

Essentially it’s a mural of someone else starting a mural, but with the added interest of being able to see their thought of how it should turn out.

In my research of street art I found the most interesting pieces were the ones that interacted and used the surroundings. With this wall on Little Donegal Street, I could make my design bulge, spray and explode out of the thought bubble, dripping over the pavement and entangling itself around the tree.

This was a fun project “Me Matchbox” where we had to show something about ourselves through customising a matchbox. Everyone in the class had a different interpretation with some reflecting their interests or their favourite possessions. My interpretation was very literal and it is an insight into my mind. When the matchbox is closed it appears to be just a regular photograph of me. When you slide open the matchbox, my head opens revealing inner thoughts, nothing too personal mind, I can’t let just anyone see those crazy thoughts.