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Definitely worth a watch. We were shown this animation in uni and I thought it was brilliant. Who knew such a simplistic vector character could arouse such emotion? It delivers a really important message in a captivating way. Watch the video and check out The Girl Effect for more information.


I found Mauro De Donatis’ work on behance. He has created an extensive series of pieces just like the two above. Triangular-ish musicians. Quite unusual.

Brief: Select one designer quotation. You are required to interpret the meaning of the quotation and express this meaning through appropriate strategy to the required audience.

Deliverables: A1 Poster (Portrait format) that clearly and best expresses meaning of your quote to target audience. Branded Poster Tube containing Name of your designer comapny. Final artwork modified to be displayed on an iPhone and iPad.

I decided to use The Curious Robin as the brand name and a quote from Ron Miriello

Creativity is in everyone; it just manifests itself differently with each person

I adopted a clean cut vector style and this is what I produced.

These are some of the birds from Josh Brill’s Flora Fauna series.  This collection of colourful bird illustrations is so fresh, simplistic and beautiful. Through the series, Brill examines and shows the visual character differences and similarities. As well as the contemporary illustration style, I like how they are displayed alongside their specific chirping noise. The Dodo’s noise; unknown. In an interview with grain edit Josh Brill speaks of how he came to start these pieces and his main inspirations.

Edit: I now own a signed European Robin print. My friend Karen ordered it for me for my 22nd Birthday!!