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One of our projects for next week is to take a series of six constructivist inspired photographs. Alexander Rodchenko is a perfect source of inspiration. Considered one of the most versatile constructivist artists to emerge after the Russian Revolution, Rodchenko was an expert in sculpting, photography and graphic design.

Rodchenko’s Early 20th Century design remains current as it still inspires a lot of the modern design. Franz Ferdinand’s You Could Have It So Much Better album and the Take Me Out single art work were both heavily influenced by Rodchenko. Saks Fifth Avenue ad campaign from spring 2009 is also drawing on the bold graphic design and propaganda spirit of Rochenko’s work. I reckon his bold lively style will never age. Who knows where we will we see it next.

Originally focused on painting and graphic design, when Rodchenko started photographing, it was opposed to a painterly aesthetic. Wishing to postpone recognition, he often shot his subjects from unusual angles. His photographs are said to eliminate unnecessary detail and emphasize a dynamic diagonal composition. This is exhibited in the picture to the left. I find the dynamic lines evident in his work very influential and will probably try to recreate these in my photography project. I particularly like his style of portraiture, here are some of his best known works.