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Bianca Chang crosses stop motion animation with some unbelievably precise paper craft.


Last week I had the great opportunity of being involved in creating a stop motion animation. My friend Nathan put my name forward and I was able to help with a flickerpix pitch for Ch4. The team consisted of Robin Macfarland, Jasbeer Singh and Johnny Schumann. I assisted wherever needed. I have some experience in stop motion animation but this was a first for me using models and rigs. We worked with models made by Mackinnon and Saunders. They made the models for the Corpse Bride and Fantastic Mr. Fox so I was no doubt introduced to the best in model making. It was really insightful and thanks to the great company, a lot of fun as well. The shoot was outdoors and with last week’s glorious weather I got my face, arms and hands completely reddened. Here are some pictures taken during the shoot.

I just found this amazing animation about Levi’s waterless jeans by M ss ng P eces & Myoo. It’s easily The best animation I’ve seen so far this year, it blew me away. You really have to watch it. I think it’s been around a while, maybe if I had a TV I would’ve seen it before now. There’s just so much going on in this that you find new things in it the second and third time round. Enjoy!

I created this stop motion animation piece on my desk using a Canon EOS 50D and a remote clicker. I’ve only done stop motion once or twice before and really enjoy it. It does get tedious after a while though. After several hours my patience does waver and my sanity slip. This is for my group project, it’s showing some of the disciplines within graphic design and more specifically my course, Design for Visual Communication. It’s not just all computers, we can get pretty crafty with paper and plenty can and does get done by hand. That’s the way I prefer to work. Again, this is only a clip from the larger animation that will be uploaded after our event on Tuesday 7th December. I’ll do a big post all about our event really soon as of course everyone is eager to attend.

As a group project for uni, we have to create and organise an event/exhibition/happening in Belfast exploring one of the themes in Visual Communication. We’re asked to use our entrpreneurial skills and initiative to find a suitable location for our work and in producing a booklet, posters and website etc. It’ll all be happening before Christmas!

My group consists of Anne Smith, Grace Kennedy, Declan Mount and myself. We are considering making an animation and screening it somewhere in Belfast. We’re thinking of making it mixed media so it will involve some stop motion animation, hand drawn motion design, moving type and probably more. Hopefully the transitions in between the different media will be interesting. It’s all quite vague and exciting at the same time. Researching stop motion animation, I rediscovered this beauty.

It was made as the music video for the song Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. It was directed by Oren Lavie, Yuval and Merav Nathan, the photography was by Eval Landesman and it features Shir Shomron. You will definitely enjoy this. It’s stop motion animation at its best.

This is what the six of us made at the stop motion animation course. It was my first time doing stop motion and it inspired me to make one myself. We were tight for time creating this with trans and I’m planning to spend more time on my next stop motion. So far it’s about half done, I’m hoping to upload it shortly. Stay posted as it contains dancing bananas. Your day would not be complete if you didn’t see some dancing bananas.